Distinct Point LLC


About Us

Distinct Point LLC is a dynamic organization with a proven record of delivering personalized results at the highest level.


Sherifah A. Munis

Sherifah is the Founder and Owner of Distinct Point LLC. She leverages her passion for empowering and developing people by providing her clients with the tools and strategies needed to achieve success both in life and in business. Drawing from her own life experiences as an entrepreneur, and armed with a global world view, she works with high-achieving clients who are ready for a change, whether it involves career change, attaining career goals, launching a business or work-life balance among other personal goals. She is zealous about helping clients get unstuck, so they can be successful in their careers and business in addition to living a fulfilling life.


Proving Our Expertise

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Sherifah is equipped with life impacting skills, and has access to time tested and proven tools that are geared towards adding value to people where they need it most.

Maritza A. Life/Relationship Coach

You know that feeling of uncertainty when you have big decisions to make, so much self-doubt, and wish you had someone to run your ideas by? Well, Sherifah Munis has been that person for me. When I first met Sherifah I lacked so many core values as a new entrepreneur, confidence, self-efficacy, courage, motivation, intentionality, to name a few. Sherifah asks thought provoking questions that help me not only make the best decisions for myself, but also help me grow, both personally and professionally. She sheds light on the values and skillsets I have, while giving me the nudge I need to confidently step out of my comfort zone, which is where growth happens, right? Sherifah genuinely cares and has my best interest at heart. She shares words of wisdom during times of struggle and celebrates every win with you, no matter how big or small. Everyone deserves a Sherifah in their corner, so grateful I have her in mine.

Ucheju I. Project Manager

Being a part of your Virtual Roundtable has been a Tri-fold blessing that keeps giving. The concept of growth is one of continuity and development. It could not have come at a better time for me. One of the most important aspects of our book is that it challenged my mindset, provided practical steps to tear down the limits and rebuild with the desired mindset. The group providing community and accountability was the icing on the cake and I am grateful to have been a part of it. I gained new information, insight and clarity in some areas and was reminded of other areas but most importantly, reviewing the practicality of intentionality and awareness as the very first steps gave focus to the roadmap for my next. I hope for more MasterMinds in the future.

Kayla S. Communication & Events Specialist

10/10, I would absolutely recommend Sherifah’s Coaching expertise. She provided such a safe space for me to be open and honest with her and myself. My favorite lesson learned with her guidance and support was how to be introspective and organize my thoughts and actions towards achieving my goals.

Norma T. Customer Experience Specialist

While working with Sherifah, not only did I gain clarity of my purpose in life in such a short period of time, but I’ve been able to take my life to a new level by destroying limiting beliefs that were holding me back from becoming the woman God intended me to be. I now have a new confidence within me that I’ve never experienced before. Sherifah emulates kindness, servant leadership and love. I learned life changing insights through her and the importance of personal growth and investing in myself in order to be successful. I am blessed to have had someone like Sherifah show me principles of developing my full potential. Everyone should have someone like her if they want to reach a new level of success.


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